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About G2N

Approaching Lagos from 50,000 feet, surveying the landscape, one is confronted by a sprawling mass. A picture that speaks of utter chaos and disorganisation. One pretty daunting to anyone unfamiliar with the terrain and perplexing to the uninitiated.


What isn’t immediately obvious to the naked eye, is the myriad of formal and informal systems that work together effectively, juxtaposed in perfect harmony. These all combine rhythmically to give a city like Lagos it’s vibrancy and entrepreneurial verve.


Littered across the entire Nigerian landscape, hidden in the rich tapestry, are an abundance of gems. Some stand out from the crowd, others not having the right level of prominence and visibility they truly deserve.


Our vision at GatewaytoNigeria (G2N) is to showcase the very best of Nigeria. To give a platform to the multitude of cultural, artistic, entrepreneurial and business expressions. To promote, inform, raise awareness, connect and facilitate interaction. Our drive is finding these gems and our passion, showcasing them.


With our listings service through careful selection and user validation, we aim to feature only the best and authentic providers of goods and services across a vast array of sectors in Nigeria. We are dedicated to providing you with the most accurate and helpful information to support your evaluation of options, choice selection and decision making.


Whether you want to find out hints and tips about preparing Nigerian food, want a proper dissection of the major issues of the day, or are keen to know what events are happening, then we’ve got it covered. Our simple aim is to be the best information hub on all things good and beautiful about Nigeria.


Have any suggestions on what you’ll like to see? Or have a gem or two you would like added, then please free to contact us at We would love to hear from you!